o e u v r e

a b o u t

i am a los angeles-based marketing communications professional who specializes in visual design and copywriting for both inbound and outbound marketing channels. 

my oeuvre reflects a penchant for problem solving and storytelling using human-centered approaches guided by purpose-driven values that are articulated through structured frameworks, nuanced aesthetics, and strong attention to detail. although my skills can be used in a variety of creative capacities, i consistently endeavor to deliver results that are subtle, self-aware, respectful, and engaging.

a creative individual for 25 years, i first began taking weekly studio fine art lessons at the tender age of 7 and did so continuously through adolescence. that invaluable experience allowed me to develop an acute artistic sensibility at an impressionable age, becoming well-versed in critical design concepts such as scale, proportions, and compositional arrangement. upon graduating high school, i studied architecture for 5 years before deciding to pursue a new path in visual communications and marketing.

i hold a bachelor of fine arts (bfa) degree in communication arts from otis college of art and design, where i majored in graphic design and minored in advertising design. currently, i am pursuing two post-baccalaureate certificates in general business studies concentrated on marketing and finance.

s e r v i c e s


glean insights from google analytics, social media + seo metrics, and crm data to inform planning, strategy, and change management

art direction

translate concepts into bespoke visual solutions that effectively communicate the stories that wish to be told

collateral design

design, edit, and quality manage marketing communications collateral (print and digital) of any type, size, and format that’s equally informative, intelligble, and tasteful

copywriting + editing

write and edit engaging copy for commercial and editorial content for websites + landing pages, advertisements, emails, newsletters, blogs, social media, press releases, case studies, and research reports

creative direction + brand identity

design simple logos/logotypes (static and dynamic), develop guidelines, and craft methodologies that reflect defined values, interests, and goals

digital photography

shoot, edit, and manipulate photographs according to the space(s) in which they will live


come up with unique, well-thought-out concepts that make products and services more compelling

motion graphics

create custom animations (pixel- and vector-based) and cut + piece together videos with accompanying audio

process design

work cross-functionally with stakeholders to establish standard operating procedures for ensuring optimal output quality and organization on a consistent basis

publication design

design any type of publication in its entirety, as i am well-versed in the conventions of editorial design and how grid structure, hierarchy, typography, image, and color are all manipulated in such a way as to form a visually cohesive compositional organization

research + analysis

monitor social, cultural, and economic trends and use that knowledge in conjunction with strong analytical skills to determine how best to communicate messages as part of broader narratives and core values

social media

ideate, create, curate, publish, and manage social media content of any type and format that is tailored to the platform(s) on which it will live; reflects the nature and aesthetic of a particular brand, product, or service and its respective target audience; and is guided by both industry-defined and empirical best practices

ux/ui design

design wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for websites and apps across various device types and sizes using figma, invision, sketch, and adobe creative suite