b l a n k e t   r u g s

these blanket rugs are inspired by the history, culture, art, and natural landscape of the southwestern united states—specifically that of the navajo. the navajo’s world view is such that their ancestors were born out of earth’s soil, led to the surface by the holy people according to navajo mythology. among the holy people was spider woman, who taught them the practice of weaving.

the entire weaving process mirrored the navajo’s strong connection to earth and the natural landscape. for instance, the wool used to make the blankets came from sheep they raised and the looms they used for weaving were made out of tree trunks. also, the blankets were woven from bottom to top, thereby simulating a natural process of the earth.

weaving wool blankets was therefore a way for the navajo to connect with their spirituality, the blankets bearing abstract designs and striking colors but no symbolic significance. for the navajo, woven blankets are the most representative physical manifestations of their cultural identity.

the concept of a hybrid blanket-rug is directly related to hooghan.


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