h o o g h a n

hooghan is a unique lifestyle service that merges two rather disparate cultures — danish and navajo — both visually and conceptually. it’s based on the danish practice of hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”), which promotes the idea of comfort being accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. central to hygge is the belief that comfortable, well-designed interior spaces have the capacity to nurture states of happiness and well-being, for to be in a comfortable state is a right, not a privilege.

adhering to those philosophical notions, the company provides physical spaces that are cozy in atmosphere and inclusive in hospitality. these so-called “comfort dens” — called hooghans (pronounced “hoo-gons”), which are the traditional navajo housing typology — are places in which one can always go to for that much-needed mental escape.

+  blanket rugs


art direction
copywriting + editing
creative direction + brand identity
motion graphics
research + analysis
ux/ui design