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kharon conducts in-depth investigations into complex commercial networks involving restricted and high-risk parties and their illicit or suspicious activities, the findings of which are often published and visually articulated through knowledge graph case studies.


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before and after the invasion of ukraine, a german private partnership sold western-made semiconductor components to two russian distributors that have directly supplied several sanctioned military end users — including subsidiaries of russian state-owned defense conglomerates — with western-origin dual-use technology.

sri lankan gemstone trading company right gems played a key role in the operations of a global terrorist finance network led by al-qaida facilitator ahmed talib.

following the designation of talib and his australia-based company talib and sons, right gems continued to generate revenue for the terrorist organization and repeatedly received gemstones from a brazilian national with direct ties to a company once managed by talib.

a germany-based company that is one of the world's largest chemical producers is involved in two joint ventures with a state-owned xinjiang entity that has benefited from chinese government labor transfers — a key indicator of the potential use of forced labor based on guidance issued by the u.s. government.

a sanctioned russian oligarch described as being vladimir putin's "personal banker” is a central figure within the llcinvest network’s vast consortium of 86 companies and nonprofits — nearly a quarter of which share the same telephone number and many being co-located at the consulate of thailand in st. petersburg.

beijing unistrong science & technology Co., which sold electronics to iran for development of military unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles, conducts business with western companies through two wholly-owned subsidiaries in the u.s. and canada.

added to the bis entity list in december 2022, the company has also supplied surveillance equipment to sanctioned government entities in xinjiang.