s o c i a l   s t r a t e g y  +  
a n a l y s i s

love and matchmaking posed its own unique set of challenges that required defining and articulating a creative direction through content based around: 1) a very specific brand voice and target audience, 2) strategies that would appeal to broader audiences, 3) incorporating the owners’ personas, and 4) maintaining high levels of engagement.

this is a case study of social strategy + analysis.


art direction
collateral design
copywriting + editing
creative direction + brand identity
digital photography
process design
research + analysis

social media

brand identity

prior to managing the account, love and matchmaking didn’t have an official brand color palette.

creative direction + content strategy

this was the editorial calendar for february 2020, which after a few months of rigorous experimentation and a/b testing, was the strongest monthly calendar in terms of both quality of content and level of engagement, all the while keeping within the parameters of the defined creative direction.

performance metrics + analysis

the continual process of refining editorial content, methodologies, and processes generated strong results in q1 2020.