y a r d s   a g a i n s t
h o m e l e s s n e s s

this is an abridged version of the 60-second “tough never quits” commercial starring nfl running back josh jacobs that aired during the 3rd quarter of super bowl liv. part of their yards against homelessness initiative, kia motors pledged to donate $1,000 for every yard gained during the game to three charitable organizations—covenant house being one of them. 

i announced this campaign, which was concomitant with fundraising efforts on covenant house’s part, across covenant house’s social accounts. in addition, i also helped increase awareness of it by encouraging people to vote for the commercial in usa today’s annual “ad meter” competition, which is the industry standard for gauging public opinion of all super bowl ads. there were a total of 62 commercials aired; “tough never quits” finished in 8th place on the “ad meter.”

in the end, a combined 748 yards were gained during the big game. kia increased their donation amount to $1 million, with covenant house receiving $450,000.


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